When do you wear a nice IAMTORO Cap? Well for example in the gym, on the beach, when you have a bad hair day or just every day: a nice cap is an indispensable accessory for every man or woman! We have made our caps of high-quality material with a great eye for detail for optimal wearing pleasure and optimal durability.

Why caps from IAMTORO?

These are the main reasons for choosing an IAMTORO Cap. Adjustable: All IAMTORO Caps are adjustable with a buckle at the back. This allows you to adjust the IAMTORO cap precisely to your head size or in any other arbitrary size so that the IAMTORO Cap is comfortable for you. The buckle at the back therefore ensures that the IAMTORO Cap is suitable for practically any head size. Icon: The IAMTORO Baseball Caps have a cool embroidered IAMTORO icon and are available in black and red. The embroidered logo ensures that you can see the IAMTORO icon well. In addition, the matching colour of the embroidered IAMTORO icon ensures that it does not stand out excessively, giving the cap a cool but also neat appearance. Trucker Cap: the IAMTORO Trucker Cap with airy mesh on the back of the head is available in red-black with the IAMTORO logo. This cap stands out more than the IAMTORO Baseball Caps due to the colour combination red-black and has a real urban look. Gift: all IAMTORO Caps come in a sturdy luxury box. Perfectly packaged to give someone as a present!

The IAMTORO collection:

IAMTORO offers more than just caps. We also have beautiful tracksuits, T-shirts, hoodies and boxershorts in our collection. Curious about our tracksuits, T-shirts, hoodies and boxershorts? Discover our collection here: IAMTORO Tracksuits, IAMTORO T-shirts, IAMTORO Hoodies, IAMTORO Boxershorts

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