IAMTORO sports socks feel like soft cushions on your feet. The footbed provides extra cushioning. And the elastic fabric with 85% cotton absorbs sweat and ventilates at the same time. Our collection of cool sports socks are not only very comfortable. They are also the ultimate style element that completes your outfit. Combine them with your sports outfit or with bath slippers. The socks are just the right height, they cover your ankle below the calf.

What characterizes IAMTORO sport socks?

The IAMTORO sports socks are characterized by a soft footbed and the comfortable elastic fabric. We have 2 designs: Icon Red with the signature IAMTORO icon at the top of the back of the sock and Icon Black with the IAMTORO icon on the side in the middle of the sock. The socks are made of 85% cotton, 13% polyamide and 2% elastane. To make it easy for you, we have 1 size. One-size-fits-many. Suitable for shoe sizes 39-45.

The IAMTORO collection

IAMTORO offers more than just sports socks. We also have boxer shorts, swim shorts caps, T-shirts, hoodies, and tracksuits in our range. Curious about our underwear, streetwear and swimwear? Discover our collections here: IAMTORO Underwear, IAMTORO Streetwear, IAMTORO Swimwear.

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