Foldable, extra wide tires, >30km/uur, >880km range


COLOR: Black

The E-fatbikes will be delivered soon. Do you want to be the first to order one? Then leave your details below and we will keep you informed.

The IAMTORO E-Fatbike is a mountain bike with extra fat tires with a boost! You can easily fold it up so that you can take it with you or store it. The thick tires are more than 10 cm wide, so you can handle all kinds of terrain and you can easily get through everything. Dunes, sand or mud are no problem for this bicycle with suspension fork and aluminum anti-slip pedals. You can choose to pedal yourself, but of course you can also let yourself be supported by the motor. With the 350 watt motor you can get up to 35 km/h. You can also choose from 5 engine levels and 7 gears. The battery is removable for easy charging.

– Hub motor: 350 watts
– Top speed: 35 km/h
– Throttle: yes for walking assistance
– Battery: lithium ion / 48v 15ah
– Range: 80km
– Wheels: all-terrain 20 inches
– Steering wheel: adjustable height
– Saddle: adjustable height
– Braking system: disc brakes
– Fork: front suspension
– Pedals: aluminium anti-slip
– Includes: LED front and rear light
– Weight: 32 kg
– Maximum load: 125KG
– Warranty: frame 2 years, battery 1 year

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