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My parents mean everything to me. They have brought me up with lots of love and they are always there for me. An important motivation in my life is to make them proud. I am a professional kick boxer. I have been practicing this sport successfully for 17 years. You could say that fighting has become a part of my life. But my biggest fight was not in the ring.

Five years ago my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A huge shock for him and the whole family. It makes you realize how quickly life can be over. Fortunately he was healed after intensive treatment and surgery. He has to spend the rest of his life with a quarter of a stomach, but he is still there! Then, three months later, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer, at an advanced stage. This blow knocked me out for a moment. I had almost lost my father and now the life of my mother was hanging on a thread. We were living on the brink of hope and fear, which is exhausting.

But I have never given up neither my father nor my mother. I fought by their sides and both of them eventually won their battle. This was the toughest fight I ever fought, but with the best price. I am so grateful to still have both my parents.

I am Fernando and IAMTORO.

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