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I have always done martial arts. Currently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Taekwon-Do. At 6 Judo and at the age of 9 I started ITF Taekwon-Do. A fantastic sport, in which I competed nationally. But when I was 16 I got a knee injury and I could not train for two years. After a long period of rest and lots of impatience, I started again. After a year of building up, I gently re-entered the competition circuit. I had missed the challenge and pushing myself enormously! But doing competitions is not easy. With a strict diet and lots of intensive training I improved step by step. Unfortunately, there were concessions I had to make: I hardly saw my friends and family and my 4-year relationship was ended. I did not have enough time and attention for it. Sacrifices. All for my dream: to become the best.

I certainly did not win in the beginning. I didn’t get past the preliminaries. But by not giving up, you get further and further. Losing is part of the journey. A winner is someone who loses a 100 times and does not give up. After years of fighting, I eventually got the chance to try my luck at the 2017 World Championship Taekwon-Do. The matches went well. I won them all. Until I ended up in the final. This was the moment that it all revolved around. I could taste the victory. And then I tore my big toe, it hurt so badly that I could hardly stand. But I did not give up and despite the pain I won that final. All the pain and sacrifices were rewarded in that one moment with a world title. And it was all worth it.

I am Kristan and IAMTORO

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