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When my sister died, my world collapsed. We were more than just brother and sister. She was my best friend. Losing her weighed heavily on me. How could I continue without her? The pain was unbearable.

After a period of mourning, I picked myself up. Although my sister was no longer there, I wanted nothing more than to make her proud. She did not want to see me mourn; she wanted to see me succeed. So I started to do my best. To work harder, train harder and to follow my dreams even harder. And this attitude has brought me so far. I already have achieved many of my goals; campaigns, my debut on TV. I know and I feel that my sister is watching and encouraging me.

There are still so many things that I want to achieve. If you believe in yourself and do your best, everything is possible. I was very proud when I was selected by Everon of all applications to be a model for IAMTORO. And I’m sure my sister is too.

I am Levi and IAMTORO.

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