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In my upbringing, high expectations were imposed from an early age. It was all about performing, performing and performing some more. School and tennis were the two things in which I had to excel. Friends and nightlife were unimportant, only the numbers and statistics counted. Intensive training combined with a demanding high school became too much for me – I collapsed into depression.

But this difficult period gave me an important insight. I became aware that the discipline, focus and ambition brought me down. I experienced it as a worry, as something negative. By turning it into something positive, it suddenly became a force. Now I succeeded in successfully combining my three ambitions. As in addition to tennis and school, I had a new ambition: acting.

When it became time for me to choose, I decided to commit to my acting career. There was no one who believed in me at first – no one except me. It does not matter how many people condemn you, laugh at you or kick you to the ground. If you believe in yourself you can always get up again, dust yourself off and continue. I believe in myself. Always have. Look at me now. And do not blink.

I am Max and IAMTORO

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