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I grew up in Rosario, Argentina. I had a happy childhood and always had lots of friends and family around me. I worked for my father in the insurance industry. Safe and familiar. My life had already been mapped out. And I was deeply unhappy about that.

Who am I, what is my passion, what makes me really happy? With these questions as a catalyst, I put on the naughty shoes and went on a journey. A quest for happiness, to find myself. I have traveled through South America and Europe for three years. I did not have anybody to fall back on. I was alone and completely dependent on myself to survive. I was overjoyed. I got to know myself better and better. What makes me enthusiastic and what I am good at. I finally found myself in Amsterdam.

I immediately felt at home in this fantastic city. This is my place! I have now built up an existence here as a personal trainer and model. I have no regrets for my departure from Argentina. I fully enjoy life and hope to keep it going for a long time. There is so much more out there if you dare to uncage yourself. I am Mike and IAMTORO.

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