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My parents are from Syria, but I was born in Belgium. Unfortunately my parents divorced after many years of marriage and my mother was left behind with four children. This forced me to grow up fast and I became financially responsible for the entire family. This was not always easy, but we had an abundance of love for each other. My family has always supported my dreams. Dreams, that I will do anything for, to make them come true.

In 3 months I will represent Belgium at the World Finale of Manhunt International. I am the chosen one, since I was crowned Mister Adventure Benelux this year. To get this point has taken a big toll on me. I had to quit my job, I lost some friends and financially it’s been challenging. Besides, it demanded years of intensive training and dieting. But I have no regrets, because I am so happy and grateful for what I have achieved.

One day I will stand where I want to be. With hard work and my ambition, I will achieve my goal and realize my dreams. I won’t stop dreaming and I will always pursue them. That is why I am so proud to say IAMTORO.

I am Mo and IAMTORO.

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