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IAMTORO is a battle cry for men who pursue their dreams and never give up. But to get the best out of yourself every day, you need the right harness. And that starts with your boxershorts. If they fit and look flawless, the rest will come naturally. These are the four reasons for choosing IAMTORO boxershorts:

Why IAMTORO boxers?

The four main reasons for choosing IAMTORO:

  1. Perfect fit
    The athletically cut boxershorts are slightly higher at the back. A so called builders crack is permanently a thing of the past. So even when you are making deep squats in the gym, your buttocks are guaranteed to stay under the waistband and your boxershorts will never sag.
  2. Feel nothing
    Seams and wash labels are often the cause of itching and irritation. Therefore our boxershorts have minimal seams and no labels. The fabric is super soft and optimally breathable. So comfortable you hardly feel you are wearing it.
  3. Floating Balls
    The fine pouch ensures optimum comfort. The crown jewels are slightly lifted and remain in place and stay free of the thighs. So no irritation and everything stays in place.
  4. Look Athletic
    The lining of IAMTORO boxershorts emphasize the leg and buttock muscles. This makes you look better without doing anything!

IAMTORO boxershorts are available in the IAMTORO brand colors: black, gray, white, red and in various cool prints. Compose your own 2-pack, 3-pack, 4-pack, 5-pack or 6-pack IAMTORO boxer shorts. The more you buy, the less you pay per boxershorts. For example, you only pay € 16.50 per boxershorts when you buy a 6-pack.

The IAMTORO assortment

IAMTORO offers more then just boxers. Check out our assortment:

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