IAMTORO is about much more than just clothing. IAMTORO is a lifestyle. That is why we regularly release special items that fit perfectly with it. Often in a limited edition because it has to remain unique. We have the IAMTORO E-Fatbike, a cool E-Fatbike with wide tires on which you can cruise around relaxed. With 7 gears and 5 engine levels, you can easily reach a speed of 30 kilometres per hour. And when you want to give someone an IAMTORO present, but you can’t choose? Then give an IAMTORO Gift Card as a present. You can simply send it to the lucky person by e-mail with a personal text! Keep an eye on our website and social channels to stay informed or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Join the tribe!

The IAMTORO collection:

IAMTORO offers more than just specials. For example, we also have beautiful boxer shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts, hoodies and caps in our range. Curious about our underwear, accessories and streetwear collection? Discover our collections here: IAMTORO Underwear, IAMTORO Streetwear, IAMTORO Accessories

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