IAMTORO T-shirts have the perfect and sporty fit and are suitable for any occasion. Made of the best materials such as soft cotton and bamboo for optimal wearing comfort, moisture absorption and ventilation.

Why T-shirts from IAMTORO?

These are the three main reasons for choosing IAMTORO. Sporty fit: IAMTORO T-shirts have a sporty fit. What does the mean? In terms of fit, they are slightly tighter at the shoulders and a bit looser around your waist: a sporty fit. This makes the T-shirt suitable during exercise in the gym as well as in your daily life. Comfortable material: The fabric of IAMTORO T-shirts is high-quality cotton and ultra-soft bamboo. The latter is known for its moisture-absorbing and ventilating capacity. That makes wearing extra comfortable. Different Designs and Prints: IAMTORO T-shirts are available with two different types of prints: Logo and Icon. And we also have a T-shirt with piping with the IAMTORO icon repeat. This way you can alternate every day and wear the perfect T-shirt to match with your outfit. IAMTORO T-shirts are available in the IAMTORO brand colours black, white and in red.

The IAMTORO collection:

IAMTORO offers more than just T-shirts. We also have beautiful tracksuits, boxershorts, hoodies and caps in our range. Curious about our tracksuits, boxershorts, hoodies and caps? Discover our collection here: IAMTORO Tracksuits, IAMTORO Boxershorts, IAMTORO Hoodies, IAMTORO Caps

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