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IAMTORO Tribe stories Mo


PERSIST TO PREVAIL My parents are from Syria, but I was born in Belgium. Unfortunately my parents divorced after many years of marriage and my

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Mike


UNCAGE YOURSELF I grew up in Rosario, Argentina. I had a happy childhood and always had lots of friends and family around me. I worked

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Kristan


CREATE YOUR LEGACY I have always done martial arts. Currently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Taekwon-Do. At 6 Judo and at the age of 9

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Thomas


LIFE IS TOUGH BUT SO ARE YOU After high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to become: a soldier. A cool job with lots

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Franklin


BE EPIC When it rains it pours, people say. In my case it was a cloudburst. In a short time I lost my grandmother to

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IAMTORO fotoshoot boxer Labyrinth


HUNT YOUR DREAMS When my sister died, my world collapsed. We were more than just brother and sister. She was my best friend. Losing her

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Kristan


NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP My parents mean everything to me. They have brought me up with lots of love and they are always there

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IAMTORO fotoshoot boxer white


BE A WARRIOR NOT A WORRIER In my upbringing, high expectations were imposed from an early age. It was all about performing, performing and performing

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IAMTORO T-shirt Red front


DREAM BIG, WORK HARD When I was 15, I moved from Portugal to the Netherlands. I left my safe environment, my friends and my family.

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IAMTORO Tribe Stories Daniel


DON’T STOP DREAMING AFTER A NIGHTMARE I lived in Damascus, or rather in what was left of it after years of war. When I was

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IAMTORO Tribe stories Mark


BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED My youth was a time of falling down and getting up. I was bullied. Because I chose my own path. Did not

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